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Close More Mortgage Loans Using the Daily Success Plan and LO CRM

If you’re a loan officer looking to grow your business, there’s a simple, structured way to ensure success. Mortgage Marketing Animals, has laid out a comprehensive plan called the “Daily Success Plan” that can help you close more loans. Here’s a breakdown of this plan and how it can transform your business.

The Daily Success Plan

Monday: Thor’s Hammer

  • Objective: Build relationships with real estate agents.
  • Activity: Dedicate your morning to calling a list of 40 qualified agents. Use your CRM, powered by AI, to manage and nurture these relationships.
  • Outcome: For every four agents you meet, expect one new relationship, translating to about four deals a year per agent.

Tuesday: Just Ask Campaign

  • Objective: Generate referrals from ongoing deals.
  • Activity: Call six people involved in each deal (borrower, co-borrower, listing agent, buyer’s agent, title rep, and insurance agent). Use the CRM to automate follow-up messages.
  • Outcome: Each deal should generate one to three new referrals, leading to high-quality leads from trusted contacts.

Wednesday: Past Customer Database

  • Objective: Leverage past clients for referrals and reviews.
  • Activity: Use a power dialer to reach out to your database, supplemented by automated, value-based messages sent weekly. Each month, focus on a different type of referral partner (e.g., insurance planner, financial planner).
  • Outcome: Regular contact leads to more referrals, five-star reviews, and new relationships with various professionals.

Thursday: Pre-Approved and Looking

  • Objective: Maintain contact with pre-approved clients to ensure deals close.
  • Activity: Use a power dialer to call pre-approved clients. Automated messages support these efforts if calls aren’t answered.
  • Outcome: By staying in touch, you secure deals and build relationships with agents involved, potentially converting them into referral partners.

The Secret to Success: Consistency

The key to the Daily Success Plan is consistency. Committing to this plan not only for a week but for months will build strong habits that drive continuous business growth. Every opportunity becomes exponential as the system turns each deal into multiple future opportunities.

Tools and Community Support This platform includes pre-built campaigns, a power dialer, video marketing tools, and integration with qualified agent data. It’s designed to streamline your efforts and maximize results.

Loan Officer Breakfast Club: Join this free, supportive community for daily mastermind calls, where you can share successes and stay updated on mortgage industry trends.

Call Stars: Participate in these sessions for guided, focused calling efforts with other loan officers. This environment fosters accountability and consistency, crucial for achieving your goals.

Take Action Today

Implementing the Daily Success Plan can significantly impact your mortgage business. Visit Loan Officer to access the tools and support you need. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, there’s no risk in trying out this proven system.

By dedicating specific days to targeted activities and utilizing powerful tools, you can build a robust pipeline of referrals and closed deals. Join the community, follow the plan, and watch your business grow exponentially.

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