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How to Run Targeted Ads to Qualified Agents and Automate the Process Using Loan Officer CRM

In the ever-evolving world of mortgage marketing, reaching the right audience is crucial. It’s no longer about casting a wide net but about engaging with those who already know, like, and trust you. Here’s how you can revolutionize your mortgage business using targeted advertising strategies on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Where Does Your Business Come From?

Ask any mortgage professional where the majority of their business comes from, and the answer is likely to be one of three sources: their database, referral partners, or marketing and advertising. Industry statistics support this, with most deals stemming from databases and referrals.

However, the majority of mortgage professionals spend their advertising dollars on cold leads—people who don’t know, like, or trust them, and often don’t qualify for a mortgage. This approach not only wastes resources but also misses out on the potential goldmine within their existing database.

Leveraging Your Database

Imagine running ad campaigns that only target people who have already done business with you or have been referred to you. By focusing on warm leads, you can significantly increase your conversion rates and reduce your advertising costs. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Use Your CRM Effectively: Start by integrating your database into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. For instance, the Loan Officer CRM allows you to generate a trigger tag, assigning customers to specific loan officers and adding them to a custom audience on Facebook.

  2. Targeted Ad Campaigns: With your database loaded into the CRM, set up ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram that specifically target your past customers and referral partners. You can run these ads for as little as $5 a day, ensuring that your advertisements reach an audience that is already familiar with your services.

  3. Automated Follow-Up: Utilize AI assistants to handle conversations and follow-ups with leads. This automation ensures timely and efficient communication, freeing up your time to focus on other critical aspects of your business.

Expanding Your Reach with Qualified Agent Data

For a small upgrade fee, you can access qualified agent data within your marketplace through the Loan Officer CRM. This feature allows you to:

  1. Identify Top Agents: Find agents by sales area and volume. Select those who have performed well over the last 12 months and add them to your CRM.

  2. Automated Marketing: Export these agents into the CRM and add them to a marketing workflow designed for qualified agents. This workflow includes an entire year’s worth of marketing, ensuring consistent and targeted outreach.

  3. Enhanced Ad Visibility: Add these agents to a custom audience on Facebook. They will see your branding, content, and testimonials, making your outreach efforts more effective as they already recognize and trust your brand.

The Future of Mortgage Marketing

By leveraging AI and targeted advertising, you can ensure that your marketing efforts are both efficient and effective. Here are some key takeaways to implement in your strategy:

  • Focus on Warm Leads: Prioritize your database and referral partners over cold leads.
  • Use CRM Tools: Automate your marketing and follow-up processes to save time and improve efficiency.
  • Targeted Ads: Run ad campaigns that specifically reach those who know and trust you.
  • Qualified Data: Utilize qualified agent data to expand your reach and improve your conversion rates.

Taking the Next Step

Ready to transform your mortgage business? Head over to Loan Officer CRM and get started today. You’ll receive personalized support, including one-on-one account management, daily support calls, and a comprehensive quick-start guide. With a 100% money-back guarantee, there’s no risk in trying it out.

Invest in your future today and see the difference targeted advertising can make in your mortgage business.

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