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How to Use AI to Engage with Social Media Leads and Convert Deals Using LO CRM

In today’s digital age, social media is a crucial platform for generating leads and converting them into clients. Using AI can significantly enhance your ability to engage with these leads and turn them into deals. Here’s how you can leverage AI to optimize your social media interactions and boost conversions.

How It Works:

Imagine this scenario: You’re scrolling through Facebook and see an ad for mortgage services. The ad invites you to comment with the word “mortgage” for more information. As soon as you type that keyword, an AI-powered system kicks in. This intelligent CRM, specifically designed for loan officers, automatically detects your comment and initiates a direct message conversation. The AI system, integrated with Meta (Facebook’s parent company), ensures that leads from social media are promptly addressed and guided through the next steps.

Seamless Integration and Real-Time Responses

Once a potential lead engages by commenting on the post, several actions are triggered:

  1. Lead Capture: The comment is captured and entered into the CRM.
  2. Internal Notification: Loan officers receive an instant notification about the new lead.
  3. Automated Messaging: The AI sends a customized direct message to the lead, offering various options for further interaction, such as scheduling a phone call, visiting a website, or continuing the conversation via text.

This automated process ensures that leads are engaged promptly, enhancing the chances of conversion.

Customizable Follow-Up Processes

The system doesn’t just stop at the initial engagement. If the lead doesn’t immediately respond, they are entered into a follow-up workflow. This might include periodic messages to keep the conversation alive and eventually convert the lead. For instance, if a lead visits your website but doesn’t take further action, the system can send a follow-up message two hours later, checking if they found what they were looking for. This persistent yet unobtrusive approach keeps potential clients engaged without overwhelming them.

Boosting Conversions with AI

The AI-powered CRM offers various options to streamline the lead qualification process. If a lead opts for a text message follow-up, the system can conduct a preliminary qualification by asking about income, down payment, and credit score. This not only saves time but also ensures that loan officers focus on the most promising leads.

Retargeting and Audience Segmentation

One of the standout features of this system is its ability to retarget past customers, realtors, and existing leads. By setting up targeted Facebook ad audiences, loan officers can re-engage with their previous clients and tap into a pool of already interested prospects. This strategic retargeting boosts the chances of conversion by focusing on individuals who are more likely to require mortgage services.

Comprehensive Support and Onboarding

To ensure you get the most out of this AI-powered CRM, the system comes with extensive support:

  • Three One-on-One Onboarding Calls: Personalized guidance to help you get started.
  • Daily Support Calls: Continuous support to troubleshoot issues and optimize the system.
  • Prewritten Campaigns and AI Prompts: Ready-to-use resources to jumpstart your marketing efforts.
  • Website and Ad Templates: Professionally designed templates to enhance your online presence.
  • Qualified Real Estate Agent Data: Access to valuable data for just $99 a month, in addition to your subscription.

With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can explore the system risk-free and see the transformative impact on your mortgage marketing efforts.

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