Carl White and Chris Johnstone Present


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Discover How We Are Using A.I. To Close More Loans Right Now!

Carl White and Chris Johnstone have combined the proven Mortgage Marketing Animals success principles with Artificial Intelligence and Automation!

These A.I. powered push button system are the foundation for mortgage companies and loan officers that are looking to close more high quality business, at scale, with far less effort and frustration.

Forget shiny objects and overwhelm, long term “branding” or wasting money and your precious time buying and chasing low quality leads that don’t convert…

During this incredible 90 minute training you are going to discover how to use A.I. to create a proven, direct path to more quality mortgage applications that come in FAST and with far less EFFORT than before!

Oh, and once you “Get It” each system is AUTOMATED so A.I. is filling your calendar with appointments from the highest quality sources of Applications that exist.

When you register right now you will immediately be able to learn:

–  How an A.I. Client Concierge (and online ad bot) allows you to 12X the opportunities from your database creating a flood of 5-star reviews, repeat business, even more referrals and high quality referral appointments with Financial Planners, Insurance Advisors, Attorneys, Title Companies, Builders and so much more!

– How we have created an A.I. Realtor Recruiting Bot that can be turned up or down like a faucet and produce up to 5 qualified real estate referral partner meetings every day!  Oh and you also get to learn the brand new secret that we discovered that uses A.I. to get your qualified Real Estate Partners to send deals after you meet with them!

– How the A.I. Lead Qualification and Appointment Booking Bot learns your business (and all the lending guidelines) to eliminates cold calling, qualifies all your leads in real time and fills your calendar with qualified appointments from leads… automatically!

Input your information right now to access the power of A.I. and proven Mortgage Marketing Systems that will get you better results with less effort from your Database, Referral Partner Networking and Marketing.

Discover 3 brand new A.I. strategies that will change the way you generate new business for the rest of your career.