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6 New Referral Partners in Seven Weeks

Hello and welcome to our 13-part series on how to make more money from your CRM as a loan officer. Today, we’re diving into how you can boost your mortgage business by making strategic calls and using the right tools.

Real Success Story: 6 New Referral Partners in 7 Weeks

Let’s start with a real success story from our Loan Officer Breakfast Club. Brandon, one of our members, has been making calls to qualified real estate agents. In just seven weeks, he’s received six referrals from six new referral relationships. Here are the impressive numbers:

  • 655 outbound calls
  • 229 conversations
  • 40 appointments set
  • 21 showed up
  • 6 new referrals

The big takeaway here is simple: make the calls, and you will get results. The more calls you make, the more results you’ll see.

The Power of Technology: Introducing the Power Dialer

One of the key features that can help you make more calls efficiently is a power dialer. Included for free in our Loan Officer CRM, the power dialer automates the calling process. Here’s how it works:

  • Load your qualified contact list into the CRM.
  • Press a big green button, and the system starts making calls.
  • If a call doesn’t connect, it leaves a pre-recorded voicemail and dials the next number.
  • You only talk when someone picks up, using proven scripts.

This means you can get through four times more contacts in a dialing session compared to manual dialing. Imagine increasing your potential conversations from 25 to 100 in the same amount of time!

Who Should You Call?

To get the best results, focus on these five key groups:

  1. Past Clients: Reach out to your existing customer database. Many loan officers get a majority of their business from past clients, but often forget to stay in touch.
  2. Qualified Agent List: Call qualified real estate agents in your area. Our CRM provides access to a list of agents to help you get started.
  3. Pre-approved Clients: Follow up with clients who are pre-approved and looking for homes.
  4. Current Deal Contacts: Stay in touch with everyone involved in your active deals.
  5. Past Referral Partners: Reconnect with past referral partners to generate new business.

Automate Your Follow-Ups

Our CRM doesn’t just help you make calls; it also automates follow-ups. If you miss someone in your dialing sequence, the system will automatically send emails and text messages. Our AI is trained to have meaningful conversations and pass along quality leads to you, so you’re not wasting time on cold calls.

Unbeatable Value

For just $297 per month, you get access to:

  • Power Dialer: Save time and make more calls.
  • Qualified Agent Data: Get 300 qualified contacts per month.
  • Video Marketing Tool: Enhance your outreach.
  • Automatic Scheduling Tool: Streamline your appointments.
  • Proven Campaigns: Follow scripts and campaigns designed for success.

There’s no setup fee, no contract, and a 100% 30-day satisfaction money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy, you get your money back and keep the bonuses as a thank you for trying our solution.

Act Now

Head over to Loan Officer CRM and invest today. These bonuses, including the power dialer, qualified agent data, and more, are available for a limited time. Don’t miss out on the tools and support you need to take your mortgage business to the next level.

Disclaimer: Hey there, awesome visitor! Just a quick note: The examples we show in our demos are purely for demonstration purposes. We’re not making any income claims or guaranteeing that you’ll get the same results. In fact, many CRM users see zero results because they never actually launch their campaigns. Success comes from action, dedication, and a sprinkle of magic (okay, maybe not magic, but you get the idea). So, while we’re here to guide and support you, your results are entirely up to you! :rocket: